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Drug and Alcohol Prevention Through the Arts

Mission Statement

The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts is a non-profit organization located in the Fox Cities. The academy is based on educational programs focusing on alcohol abuse prevention through the arts and other related programming and issues. It is the mission of the academy to actively promote education and the arts as useful elements of prevention, awareness, health, education and wellness efforts. To do so, the professional and volunteer staff of the organization will devote the substantial portion of their activities to the following:

To develop and maintain a thriving student, parental, and community network;
To provide resources that promote and support alcohol and drug abuse prevention and related educational activities;
To provide high quality opportunities through the arts of music, sports, theater, literacy, philanthropy, art, language, education, and dance locally, regionally, and nationally;
To promote a national forum on student alcohol abuse prevention, and other health, prevention and safety concerns;
To create, promote and disseminate new research on alcohol and other health, prevention and safety issues.

To guide these efforts, The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts operates on the philosophy that the arts, mentoring, and kindness can play a uniquely effective role, unmatched by alternative methods, in encouraging youth to honestly discuss and develop responsible, moral habits, attitudes and lifestyles regarding alcohol, drugs, and related issues.

The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts does not discriminate in any of its conferences, symposia, training courses, workshops, or membership against any individual on the basis of age, sex, creed, religion, race or national origin.

We are a 501 (C)3 charitable, non-profit organization.

Who is Tiffany Holloway?

The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts was founded by Frederico J. Bell in the summer of 2006 after the death of his twenty-two year old niece who was killed by a stray bullet on the brutal streets of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

This academy focuses on drug and alcohol prevention by way of the arts. Through research, our findings are that 80% of children worldwide spend the majority of their time listening to and playing music and video games. All of these interests are based on music, regardless of the culture.

Youth from all ethnic areas have been trapped in the madness of drugs and alcohol, even as young as the age of seven or eight. The Tiffany Hollaway Academy of the Arts will provide these children with exposure to a new age of prevention where they can be cool and drug-free.

I have resided in the Fox Cities for the past six years and have found this to be a wonderful, safe area of quality in which to live. The education that my children have received here is uncomparable. Through this academy, I have created the same type of education in drug and alcohol awareness through the arts, theater, music, and sports for this academy. With the onset of new families moving to the small community of the Fox Cities from all over the United States, we must prepare ourselves to deal with whatever comes our way.

Brightening the eyes of our youth has been my quest for years. I have donated time to such organizations as Youth Futures, Goodwill, and The Harmony café. My work stems from experience with mentally disabled children in Milwaukee and with feeding the homeless at The Salvation Army. No matter where you stand financially in life, all people possess identical feelings and emotions. No matter what, through the development of this academy, I am here to help. A plethora of loving organizations exist in the Fox Cities. The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts will be one more such agency. This academy just wants to be of assistance and hopes to compliment and enhance these efforts within our community.

Frederico J. Bell
Founder and Executive Director

"Do something positive every day and give people the truth, but the upmost respect." Motto of the academy, as quoted by Frederico Bell.

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Please Donate to the Academy!

The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts is a non-profit organization and is in need of start-up funding for this program.  Please consider donating to the academy or volunteering to help at-risk teens in our community. 

Contact The Tiffany Holloway Academy of the Arts:

Telephone:  (920) 707-3566

Address:  2411 Cloudview Drive, Appleton, Wisconsin 54914


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